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8th August 2022 

What does counselling entail?

At various times in our lives, we can all face problems.Even though talking to others may help, sometimes it is not enough and issues can remain unresolved.This is where counselling can help.Talking in confidence to a trained counsellor and therapist can help you to find your way forward as it provides you with the space to work through whatever may be troubling you.

How I work

My way of working is based upon an integrative approach with my core training having been in the Person Centred model. The core beliefs of this way of working stem from the counsellor conveying the essential qualities of being non-judgemental, empathic and genuine. This then provides the foundation for a strong therapeutic alliance to be built, where the client feels able to trust, feels safe and accepted. In addition, I have much experience of working with solution focussed and motivational interviewing techniques, hence using an integrative approach. My approach allows for problems to be openly explored and unravelled. Sometimes,a particular issue may only require short term work of six sessions. At other times, longer term work, sometimes over one or two years may be needed to explore deeper issues more thoroughly.